We know that connecting is very important. Life Groups are a place to create a sense of community and build life long relationships. Being a part of a large church generates a need to interact with a smaller group where people have similar interests or are in a similar stage of life. This is what a Life Group is all about. You are not assigned to a group, but we encourage you to visit several and find one that fits you. Life Groups meet on Sunday mornings and give you the opportunity to not only attend worship services, but also, participate in life-changing Bible study with your friends. In fact, here is an acronym that describes Life Groups and expresses their purpose in a well thought out way:

L – Live in Community
I – Invest in Growth
F – Find Your Purpose
E – Embrace God’s Mission

Living in community simply means that we share life together. Another way of saying this is that we are there for one another in good times and bad. We pray for and care for one another. We grow in our relationship with Christ together. Investing in growth speaks of our determination to grow more like Christ. In a community we can hold each other accountable for the development of spiritual disciplines in our lives. We become intentional about our plan to discover all Christ has for us and about studying His Word. Finding your purpose is recognition of God’s giftedness. He has uniquely designed and gifted each one of us. In community with others, we begin to discover these gifts and become better equipped to serve Him through them. Embracing God’s mission means that we become fully devoted to living out God’s calling in our life. It is through Life Groups that we begin to see people stepping up into leadership. It is our prayer that you will take the next step in being a part of our church family by connecting with a Life Group. Make it a priority today!

 Midlothian Campus – Midweek Life Groups

Market Square Classroom
Market Square Classroom
Market Square Classroom
Market Square Classroom


Sunday, 11:30am
Mondays, 6:30pm
Tuesdays, 6:30pm
Wednesdays, 6:30pm

For more information and to join a Midlothian Life Group, e-mail Campus Pastor Buddy Hamm.

Colonial Heights Campus – Sunday Morning Life Groups

8:20 am

Class Type (Age Group)

Co-Ed (All Ages)
Co-Ed(All Ages)
Co-Ed(All Ages)
Men (All Ages)

Class Name

Bold Witness
Spiritual Warriors
8:20 Men’s Class


Akers & Manson
Crocker & Torrence
Cottrell & Malone
Hassick & Turner



9:45 am

Class Type (Age Group)

CoEd Young Adults
Singles 20s
Couples 20s &30s
CoEd 30s &40s
Couples 30s & 40s
Couples 40
CoEd 40s &50s
CoEd 40s &50s
CoEd 60+
CoEd 60+
CoEd 60+
Women All Ages
Men All Ages
CoEd Senior Adult

Class Name

Nearly & Newlywed
College & Career
The Rock
Parenting on Purpose
Band of Believers
Rock Solid
The Upper Room
Faith Builders
Sisters by Grace
9:45 Men’s Class


Maltempi & Rose
Ford & Southall
Matthews & Wells
Gallagher & Kight
Atkinson & Crites
Hahn & Patterson
Fulle & Osborne
Moore & Staton
Camus, Cloninger & Toombs
Hammock, Meade & Shriver
Moore & Cole
Passopulo & Southall


B 227
C 103
Mod 4
B 223
Mod 2
C 100
Choir Room
B 229
C 123
Mod 3
C 121
Mod 1
C 101
C 122

Off Campus

Class Type

Women (Korean)

Date and Time

Tues, 7pm
Fri, 6:30pm


Elliott & Wilkerson