MOPS is a place where mothers of preschoolers can come and experience authentic community, personal growth, practical help and spiritual help. At Mops, you’ll be welcomed, accepted and inspired to reach your full potential and recognize your influence within your family and the world.

MOPS is a place that Gets Moms – We understand your unique needs, challenges and joys in this vital season of early mothering. You will be welcomed in our MOPS group just as you are!

At our MOPS group you will have the chance to socialize with other moms, hear some great teaching, have discussion time and participate in creative activities. During our meetings, your children will be cared for in a program called MOPPETS, where they will experience love in a preschool like setting.

We believe that moms really do make a better world.

The 2012-2013 year has just concluded, but MOPS will return this Fall!