The College and Career ministry at The Heights Baptist church exists to help students’ transition from the home, high school and youth group into the life of the church, community or campus ministry at a college or university.

It is crucial for student’s build their life on a strong foundation whether it be relationships, careers, education, core beliefs or purpose. For the first time in many of their lives they will have their faith tested and will have to actually “own” their faith rather than depending on the faith of their parents, youth minister or the church.

We, as a ministry, want to break the odds or patterns of 80 to 90 percent of the youth who leave the church after graduation. We begin the transition during their senior year and continue to build and mold the student as they enter the work force or attend colleges or universities. It is important that the students who stay in the area find the church relevant to their stage of life. For those who will be leaving home to attend school away, it is equally important that they connect with fellow believers and churches in their college towns or cities.

We invite all students or graduates to join us weekly in our Life Groups on Sundays and Wednesday Night College Bible studies. It is a great time in life to build a strong foundation that will weather the storms of life.